About Us

The Atlantic Schooners was awarded a CFL conditional franchise in 1983 and was contingent upon building a stadium. This unfortunately never happened and the franchise was pulled 1984 prior to the Schooners ever playing a single game.

The schooners got their name from a contest that was held in all four Atlantic provinces, and the four waves in the logo represent the four Atlantic provinces.

For all intense and purposes the Schooner laid dormant till 2009 when the league decided to test the waters in Halifax with a preseason game between Hamilton and Toronto which quickly sold out with games after held in Moncton in 2011 and 2013.

The Schooners showed up on the Grey Cup scene in Ottawa 2005 which John Ryerson Businessman from Nova Scotia decided that that Atlantic Canada needed a presence at Canada oldest festival and the Schooner if they ever had a chance of becoming a reality needed to be front and Centre.

The down East Kitchen Party was born that year and was a tremendous success, fans from all over the country embraced the Schooner movement and dubbed them Un-officially Canada’s 10th CFL team.

The Schooner movement have held events in Ottawa 2004, Winnipeg 2006/2015/2016, Toronto 2007/2012, Calgary 2009, Regina 2013, Vancouver  2015 growing size and popularity each year.

The Schooners have raised thousands of dollars for food banks across Canada each year.

The program is staffed 100% by volunteers who give their time and energy to produce a first class event every year. Our volunteers are great ambassadors for Atlantic Canada.

The Down East Kitchen Party is one of Canada’s largest Celtic parties.

The goal has never changed… Atlantic Canada wants to be included in the CFL and perhaps we don’t currently have an on field performance  but we sure do provide a  good off field performance… with our music, food and ambassadorship.


The Atlantic Schooners are the only professional sports team to be awarded a franchise and never play a single game…..Thus our motto   Still Un-Defeated